Check out SICK’s TriSpectorP1000 3D camera and Belt Pick SensorApp!

Is your belt pick application causing quality issues or damaging your product?

By using 3D vision:

  • Each product’s true shape provides the x,y,z picking point – allowing faster picking on a stationary or moving conveyor, with minimal risk of damaging the product.
  • The impact of ambient light, discoloration of conveyor belt, contamination and etc. is minimized – so only actual products are identified for picking.

Watch this video to see how SICK’s TriSpectorP1000 3D camera and Belt Pick SensorApp offer:

  • Quick changeover. No re-configuration required!
  • Faster picking and minimal product damage. Surface color, low contrast ratio, shadows, lighting – no problem!
  • Simplified robot integration with on-board selectable interfaces and instructions.