Robots to the Rescue During COVID-19 Lockdown

VOA News, April 17, 2020 – When COVID-19 hit Washington, D.C., and health officials said people had to stay 2 meters apart, Broad Branch Market owner Tracy Stannard knew it meant an end to business as usual.

Customers had been packing the store to stock up.

“We realized that it was getting a little too risky to have so many people in the market,” Stannard said. “We wanted to keep people outside.”

But she also wanted to keep selling groceries.

So she turned to Starship Technologies’ delivery robots.

“The bots seemed like a great option,” she said.

At a time when human contact is considered a health hazard, robots may be more useful than ever. Though their potential is huge, robots are not quite ready to take on the role, experts said.

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