What Makes This Robot Safe?

Do you work or design cobots on a daily basis?
Have you ever wondered: “What makes this robot safe?”
Well we have the simple answer!

Join us for a half day workshop all about robotic safety and learn how your cobot meets the current safety standards! Register today.

Six Steps to a Safe Collaborative or Autonomous Mobile Robot

Multiple workshops will be offered at our various training facilities in Irvine, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. View all available dates.

What You’ll Learn

Overview of current US (ANSI) standards addressing safety of industrial robots.
Insights on the developing RIA R15.08 – Industrial Mobile Robots.
Harmonization between (US/CAN) and European (ISO) approaches.
Basic comprehension of collaborative robot features.

Distinguishing differences between:
Collaborative Robot.
Collaborative Workspace.
Collaborative Application.

Better understanding of human/robot interactions.
Safety features available for collaborative workspaces.
What kind of products and services can help you meet the standards.

For more information about this workshops and how to register, visit our events page.

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