Could Tooth-Mounted Trackers be the Next Fitness Wearables?

ABC News, March 22, 2018 – Wireless wearable devices, like FitBit, track exercise and pulse, but this is a new departure.

Tooth-mounted trackers that keep a tally on how much food and calories people consume could be the next frontier in fitness monitoring. A research team is already experimenting with the tooth sensors at the Tufts University Biomedical Engineering Department.

“We have extended common RFID [radiofrequency ID] technology to a sensor package that can dynamically read and transmit information on its environment, whether it is affixed to a tooth, to skin, or any other surface,” Fiorenzo Omenetto, Ph.D., corresponding author and the Frank C. Doble Professor of Engineering at Tufts said in a statement. To continue reading the article, click here.

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