SICK: From Driver Assistance Systems to Robotics

SICK USA Blog – From Driver Assistance Systems to Robotics: The Benefits of Intelligent 3D Vision Sensors for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

In outdoor industrial environments the situation is constantly changing. To ensure that changes of this kind are always detected, SICK has designed its Visionary-B sensors with two eyes, in the form of horizontally offset lenses. This allows objects and obstacles to be safely identified in three dimensions on the basis of the stereoscopic principle. The result is a reliable driver assistance system. Intelligent algorithms filter out the information that is really important to the driver and transmit it as a live image to the monitor near the steering wheel. The Visionary-T sensors also create three-dimensional images. These products with only one eye are designed for indoor use and, like the Visionary-B, are equipped with SICK’s 3D vision technology. The sensors can be used, for example, to provide object detection or collision warning functions in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and human-robot collaborations. To continue reading the article, click here. 

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