SIEMENS: Prototype Robot Solves Problems Without Programming

Siemens’ Pictures of the Future, December 11, 2017 – With the help of artificial intelligence, researchers at Siemens have developed a two-armed robot that can manufacture products without having to be programmed. In a glimpse of the future of automated production, the robot’s arms autonomously divide tasks and work together as one.

A click is heard as one hand snaps a gray part into place on a rail. The hand withdraws and grasps another component, this time passing it to a second hand to achieve the best possible positioning, as the two extremities coordinate their movement to assemble part of a control cabinet. Part of a two-armed robot, the collaborative activity of the hands was recently demonstrated at Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) in Munich, the company’s global research unit.  The robotic system is nothing less than a crucial element in the future of manufacturing — a future in which entire factories will control themselves. To continue to read the article, click here

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